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Some Days Are Just Glorious

Some days are just glorious.  They may be that way because you spend time with people you love. They may be that way because the day is filled with happy moments that you know will be remembered for a long time.  They may be that way because you are surrounded by gifts of love and joy where your heart is filled to overflowing.  Days are glorious with one of these ingredients.  But last Sunday, our Celebration Sunday, all of these people, moments, and gifts came together to offer to all present the joy and hope that is evident at Grace Church in the Southern Berkshires. 

From the magnificent music performed by choir members from Grace, Christ Trinity, and St. Paul’s churches; to the beautiful altar that was lovingly set by our Altar Guild; to the gathering of friends and family from the Berkshires and beyond; to the grace filled presence of our Bishop Doug and Canon Pam; to the elegant and spirited words of the Rev. Peter Elvin; to the inspired gathering of the people in ministry in our church and community; to the delicious and welcoming lunch planned and prepared in love, many people contributed to a day that spoke to the hope and the promise that is in us through God’s love. 

This day was one that recognized and energized the work being done at Grace Church. It told the story of how our community seeks to serve God and God’s people in the Berkshires. It identified the potential for the good work to be done. And it welcomed Sey and me into your community. I rejoice in the chance to join in the many ministries that are ongoing and those yet to be discovered.  The day was filled with joy and it was a powerful reminder of what can happen when the gifts of many are given freely in praising God.  Each person, offering who they are and what they have so that the abundance of grace is available for all.

We have so much good work to do.  I thank you for inviting me to join you.  I look forward to serving along side you as, trusting in God, we take one step then another step praying for guidance and creative imagination as together we explore this new thing being done in our midst. We are a church who is carrying out our mission beyond the traditional boundaries of a building.  But this has not impeded our offering of beautiful worship, building relationships with our neighbors, or continuing to develop programs that form us as disciples of Christ in the world. With God’s help, our community will continue to seek and serve others while inviting people to the work that we have been given to do—spreading God’s love and sharing God’s good news with the people of the Southern Berkshires.  I give thanks to God for all that you are and all that together we can be.