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ROTA and Check Request Form

ROTA September October November 2020

Please find a substitute if you cannot serve and then let our secretary know of the change. Please contact Gretchen at office@graceberkshires.org .

Altar Guild – Sarah Sieber, Lynn Walker, Viola Bagnaschi, Linda White, Cathy Haywood, Monique Kirchoff, Meredith Haider, Margaret Layton

Greeters, Ushers & Welcome Table Viola Bagnaschi, Sally Brooke, Anne Andrews, Sue Gore, Doreen Hutchinson, Marcia Doelman, Sarah Sieber, Rick Gore, George Raymond, Maureen Terry

Acolytes – Kathy Clausen, Cathy Haywood, Peter Kirchoff, Linda White

Lectors – Dindy Anderson, Anne Andrews, Pennie Curry, Tom Doyle, Robert Forman, Sue Gore, Meredith Haider

Responders – Dindy Anderson, Pennie Curry, Tom Doyle, Robert Forman, Sue Gore, Sarah Sieber, Andrea White, Steve White, Gino Furio

Intercessors John Cheek, Tom Doyle, Robert Forman, Jainee McCarroll, John and Ellis Ericson, Sarah Sieber

Chalice Bearers Rick Gore, Dutch Pinkston, Lynn Walker, Viola Bagnaschi, Kathy Clausen

Healing Team The Rev. Ted Cobden, Sue Gore, Pennie Curry, Kathy Clausen, Christy Yeo

CountersSue Gore, Anne Andrews, Kathy Clausen, Rick Gore, Tom Doyle, Ian Booton, Sarah Sieber

If you need to request reimbursement for an expense, please use this form and submit it to the Treasurer, Sue Gore.