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For the last few years we have begun to focus our efforts in some specific areas through which we connect to those beyond our parish who are in need. We call these organizations our missional partners, using the specific language from our training in Partnership for Missional Church. Unlike Gideon’s Garden, which we operate with Taft Farms, we participate alongside others in the running of these programs.

The Lee Food Pantry
Saturdays, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Lee Food Pantry is a mission of Grace Church and serves about 50 families per week. Located in the Airlodi Building (45 Railroad St.) in Lee, MA and open Saturdays, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Learn more here.

COVID-19 Update. Volunteers gather on Friday to bag groceries and place them near the front door. Food is handed out to people who gather on Saturday morning. For information in how you can volunteer or donate, please contact Sue Gore at sue.gore@leeaudio.net

The People’s Pantry
Mondays 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Thursdays 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

View video about The People’s Pantry here

Donate to The People’s Pantry here

COVID-19 Updates: All shopping is now done outdoors under a tent. Shoppers are handed a pre-packed grocery bag filled with non-perishable items such as canned vegetables, pasta, toilet paper and peanut butter. As the shoppers move through the line one at a time, they point to the produce, bread, milk and other perishables they need, and volunteers wearing protective gloves place it in the bag for them.

The People’s Pantry began many years ago in the garage of what was St. James Episcopal Church. It is now located at St. James Place, 352 Main St., in Great Barrington, back where it began so to speak. Grace parishioners are part of one of the seven teams that serve the People’s Pantry.

We also supply vegetables to these community programs from Gideon’s Garden:

Human to Human
Diocese of Western Massachusetts has launched this new initiative. Under one umbrella they have collected the various ministries that are going on in our Diocese that exist to connect with our neighbors.

Human to Human is about compassion. We are about the human side of poverty, isolation, and addiction. Human to Human sees everyone as a friend and a neighbor. Our only agenda is love. Learn more here.

Berkshire Immigrant Center

We support the Berkshire Immigrant Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The following video, filmed and edited by the Rev. Vicki Ix, Communications Director/Missioner, was presented the the annual Diocesan convention aimed at highlighting the importance of knowing our immigrant neighbors and hearing their stories.


Special Pentecost Event
Joining with Berkshire county churches, led by Rise against Hunger, we filled 20,000 bags each of which is a meal to be sent to those in need. This video, posted on Facebook, from the Rev. Mary Francis Curns captures the spirit of the day. Thank you to the Rev. Tim Weisman, Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church for hosting the event.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.04.02 AM

Railroad Street Youth Project, Grace Church, and Multicultural BRIDGE working together.

The Symposium, “Bridging Generations: Youth Empowerment & Resiliency” was held at Berkshire South on Saturday, September 19, 2015 from noon until 5:00 p.m.
The keynote speakers, Dr. Safire DeJong and Yazmina Madeson, led this community forum on fostering positive and mutually supported interactions among youth and adults in our community. A total of 26 members from all sectors and disciplines of the South County community, including 10 youth, participated in the event.
It launched dialogue between young people and adults as we partnered on exercises geared to promote open communication and resilience. We expect to have a lasting impact as we use our learning to support youth and parent training in our middle schools. It was awesome to learn together, to challenge our biases and stereotypes, to validate our feelings and to really listen to each other.
The impetus for the Symposium idea came from our Summer 2014 Community Network Dinner on Youth. It was exciting to see the realization of his program which intends to foster respectful conversations between youth and adults. We look forward to using our learning in the next steps of focus groups of parents and youth.
The Symposium was sponsored through a Diocesan grant and Grace Church’s Wisdom Outreach Committee.
The committee members are: Dindy Anderson, Sally Brooke, Susan Gore, Kathy Clausen, Margaret Layton, Dutch Pinkston, and co-chaired by Pennie Curry and Doreen Hutchinson. (photo courtesy RSYP.)

SUMMER 2014:

This summer we began a new initiative called Community Network Dinners. Four dinners will occur over three months, each with a different focus, where members of Grace Church will have conversations with members of chosen communities. The first dinner focused on youth and our special guests were members of Railroad Street Youth Project. Before the second dinner, with its focus on the Hispanic community, and issues that local immigrants face, Doreen Hutchinson, Co-chair of the Grace Wisdom/Outreach group that has organized the project, spoke with The Rev. Annie Ryder of Christ Trinity Church in a radio interview.

COMMUNITY NETWORK DINNERS from Grace Church on Vimeo.

On the Religious Roundtable, a WSBS program, The Rev. Annie Ryder interviews Doreen Hutchinson to explore the inspiration and goals of the Community Network Dinners initiative begun by Grace Church, an Episcopal Community in the Southern Berkshires. Annie, of Christ Trinity, Sheffield is one of the four hosts of the weekly program; Doreen, of Grace Church, is a parishioner of Grace and co-chair of its Wisdom/Outreach Committee. WSBS is the local radio station for Great Barrington and surrounding towns in Western Massachusetts. The location for the dinners is The Guthrie Center, and the first dinner, focused on youth, is pictured while the recording plays.